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Software Development with Microsoft Tech (C#)

The release of .NET Core means that cross-platform development with C# is finally here. In this fast-paced practical course you’ll work through a rapid introduction to C# followed up by an overview of .NET in the context of two real-world applications.

4 Months


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Course Overview

The course will initially begin with familiarizing you to the different .NET technologies and Visual Studio 2017. Beginning from the basic concepts of declaring and working with variables, we move on to writing code that makes decisions, repeats a block of statements, converts between types, and handles errors.
You will also learn about .NET Core and its class library assemblies, and packages of types that are defined in .NET Standard that allow your applications to connect existing components together to perform common practical tasks. You will then learn to make your own types using object-oriented programming (OOP) and learn how to read and write to databases.   You will then see what can be achieved with Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) when defining the user interface for a graphical app, in particular, for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Finally, we look at building web applications with a modern HTTP architecture on the server side using Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at professional software developers or programming and developer enthusiasts wanting to get started with building and deploying advanced applications using the modern-day .NET framework. The prospective students will be taught about the intricacies of .NET and other associated technologies such as C#, and ASP.NET.

Course Content

  • Understanding .NET
  • Fundamentals of Visual Studio 2017
  • Exploring the Basics of C#
  • Declaring Variables
  • Building Console Applications
  • Understanding Selection Statements
  • Understanding Iteration Statements
  • Casting and Converting Between Types
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Checking for Overflow
  • Using Assemblies and Namespaces
  • Debugging and monitoring
  • Storing Data with Collections
  • Debugging Tools
  • Monitoring Performance and Resource Usage
  • Understanding OOP
  • Building Class Libraries
  • Implementing Interfaces and Inheriting Classes
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Working with Entity Framework Core
  • Understanding Universal Windows Platform
  • Understanding Universal Windows Platform
  • Understanding XAML
  • Creating an Application for UWP
  • Using Resources and Templates
  • Data Binding
  • Animating with Storyboards
  • Testing in Emulators
  • Understanding ASP.NET Core
  • Exploring an ASP.NET Core MVC Web Application
  • ASP.NET Core MVC Controllers
  • ASP.NET Core MVC Models
  • ASP.NET Core MVC Views
  • Taking ASP.NET Core MVC Further